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I am single never marry, tall and fair in complexion with a very good and nice body looking with the age of 23 years a banker , Am also a free and easy going one love traveling out to see new things around , at my free time I do some sports activities , reading and cooking . If you are interested in me do contact me . My main purpose of been here is to find a good and loving man from here who understand what love is all about, then both of us will get marry as husband and wife and country of origin do not matters in any relationship as I am ready to relocate once I get my real love one from here .Been a relationship that will leads into marriage and i am ready to travel out from here to any part of the world were i find my real love one .
المدينة : Adelin
العمر : 23 سنة
الجنس : دكر
الأطفال : لا
الحالة العائلية : عازب (ة)


المستوى الدراسي : باك + سنتين
المهنة : Serina
الوزن : 76 Kg
الطول : 1 m 77 cm
التدخين : لا
استهلاك الكحول : نعم
مرض : لا
لرؤية رقم الواتساب يجب عليك تحميل تطبيق زواجي من هنا


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